Speaking on ethics and tech for the Responsible Technology Series 2020

We believe it is important to balance significant technology advances with the need for ethics. All people in society need to feel they are not being left behind as technology advances, and that there is trust in governance.

Techcentre founder David Barker was invited to join a panel for the Information Age hosted event, including Adam Spearing from Salesforce, Sarah Burnett from Emergance Partners Ltd and Olivia Gambelin from Ethical Intelligence Associates Ltd.

Questions discussed included:

  • With regards to responsible technology, where do you see Ethics playing a role and how?
  • Do you think Ethics aids innovation or acts as a blocker when applying it to a company’s culture?
  • When thinking of people and putting them first, how does ethics and technology fit in?
  • What are the potential consequences of not applying ethics to technology?
  • If you were given the one opportunity to do one thing to ensure technology doesn’t have a drastic effect on society, what would that be?

You can watch the webinar and discussions on YouTube here.

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